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Anonymous said: I've been trying to have a healthier lifestyle and I was wondering if you could give me tips on how to stay motivated and how to ignore the unhealthy temptations. Also what easy exercises should I do daily before I do exercises that are more intense? Xx

walking, stretching, and things like yoga are good before more intense workouts! And I don’t have a secret pill or magical potion that will make you ignore unhealthy temptations, that is up to you. But what I do is I focus more on the way it makes me feel rather than how I look and it makes it easier not to get frustrated when results don’t show right away. Keep clear sight of your goals and you’ll be sweet! Xxxx

Im answering the questions soon guys but im having trouble with my ask!x

Anonymous said: What exercises do you sugget I should do to get thinner legs and a flatter stomach. Also I love your tumblr, it's so motivational x:)

Crunches, squats and low intensity cardio for a longe period of time! Thank babe! x

Anonymous said: I really want to lose weight and become fit and healthy but whenever I think of exercising I always make up an excuse like its too hot so I wouldn't have to exercise.What should I do?

Go to the gym! It’s hard to make up an excuse when you are surrounded by equipment and other people working out! You could also join a team group like netball or soccer, to me it feels less like a workout and more fun in a group (: or you could get your friend to be your workout buddy! When someone is relying on you you’re more likely to go! Hope I helped, good luck!:D